Zingle dating

At the time, the name Spanx was a huge risk, but the gamble has clearly paid off.“When I first started Zingle, I was the first one to ever think a customer should be able to text (message) a business,” said Ford. ”) 3) He wanted to pick a name that if you heard it phonetically, you would know how to spell it in a web search. “Neither Sara nor I had any prior experience in our related industries,” Ford says.

Blakely points to three major lessons, as follows: 1) Be memorable, 2) Passion is more important than experience, and 3) Seize the opportunity when you get it. She had no money to advertise (Spanx was reportedly bootstrapped for just ,000) so she wanted a name that would be press worthy on its own.ZINGLES: Jay Bishoff, who created Peregian Originals, has set out to create a new singles event Zingles on the Coast after seeing so many single people out while he performs gigs.Jay is pictured with his partner Rachel Ritzau AFTER hearing mutual frustrations from both single men and women while he was out gigging, a Coast event manager wants to raise the local dating game.The Zingle mobile text platform he created in 2009 is a case in point.Blakely was tired of waiting in long lines in the morning for his “single shot, soy mocha, 2 pumps, no whip.” An avid texter, he was surprised businesses didn’t have a way to accept text orders.

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