Zelda dating

That doesn’t mean those moments aren’t there, though.

They may feel like secrets, but they shine a considerable amount of light onto Link and Zelda’s relationship. and how it supposedly keeps the Triforce bearers together, it’s only natural we assume Link and Zelda are going to meet up when reincarnated in the same cycle.

Zelda is, at her core, a princess first and it shows. For the majority of the game, Zelda seems to straight up hate and resent Link for his natural abilities.In the process of succeeding, Link wakes up the original Zelda meaning she now co-exists with the Zelda Link saved in the first game.Even though Link and Zelda are always destined to meet, they aren’t always destined to get along.While it’s quite rare, there have been two notable instances of Link and Zelda meeting, but failing to become friends.In , they really do have quite the business based dynamic.

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