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Rolling (surviving) with Professor @grundhauserwill two seconds after the first picture was taken he magically got to my back and choked me out 😂 Again, so grateful for Professor, my gym, my teammates, and every day I get to spend on the mats.Noon rolls have been freakin’ stellar ✨ I’m seriously so happy I made myself get out of bed and put some work in.Yasmin's story is filled with ups and downs and it's truly inspiring how she manages to maintain a positive attitude despite all that she has gone through.From eating disorders, sexual/violent assault, toxic relationships, anxiety and depression, her story is something many people can learn from.The people I trained with believed in me and encouraged my aspirations while the "friends" outside of the gym laughed at me and tried to discourage me, making it very clear that I needed to weed out the negativity.After a few months of training, I decided to take a step in chasing my childhood dream of going to school to become a makeup artist and I applied to a school in Toronto.So it's really helped me with that, as well as gotten me and kept me in shape. When I was first starting, I was also struggling with an eating disorder, as well as I just always have been super anxious.Jiu-jitsu made me realize that I needed to start taking care of my body by fueling it properly, helping me kick the unhealthy eating habits, as well as a way to release a lot of that anxious energy I carry around with me.

I want to inspire people, women especially, in hopes to show that it isn't just a "boy's club" and spread the empowerment.

Aside from that, I really would like to compete for more as well as travel and go to schools all over the world.

I've also always been interested in film making and have a lot of ideas around creating jits documentaries/content in general, so it'd be really rad to dip into the realm as well.

After two years of consistent training, I was given the honour of receiving my blue belt from Will Grundhauser at The Grindhouse on Tuesday night.

The amount of growth and change bjj/martial arts has given me is unmeasurable and I can’t even begin to express my gratefulness for the new outlook in life it has given me.

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