Wrestling divas dating

The two had some storylines together in WWE and it turned into a real relationship. Sable is a one time WWF Women’s Champion and she is also a former Playboy cover model.Brock Lesnar is one of the biggest names in Sports Entertainment. They are very private about their relationship and we rarely see them together in public.Their relationship started as a storyline and ended up turning into the real thing.The couple were married in 2003 and have 3 daughters together.Carmella was there for Cass when he suffered a knee injury.

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WWE’s power couple will be the ones to take over the reigns after Vince Mc Mahon passes away.When it came time for them to make their main roster debuts, they were moved to different brands.Big Cass went to “RAW,” while Carmella debuted on “Smack Down.” Even though being on different rosters was tough, the couple’s relationship remained strong.The rumors Rumors of John Cena and Carmella dating began on Monday when a popular Wrestling website investigate and posted that they were dating.However, the rumors were quickly put to rest as no addition information was submitted later.

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