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The celebration is just getting started; check back on the World of Warcraft site as we get closer to the anniversary to learn more about the in-game rewards and events we have planned.

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It is used to define which lore should be considered a genuine part of the universe's history.

The Chronicle series also offers a more accurate scale of the world, continents and islands, than the in-game world map; for instance, the Broken Isles are shown to be roughly the size of the Howling Fjord, and Kul Tiras is about the size of Gilneas, compared to the in-game map.

For example of continental size, Kalimdor in-game is about 20,920 yards, or roughly 19 kilometers long from the bottom of Uldum to the tip of Winterspring.

Sometimes, player actions in dungeons are not taken into consideration, as observed in the story of Blackfathom Deeps.

Despite the fact that the players / adventurers killed its inhabitants, when the dungeon was updated, it was stated that the inhabitants were killed by the new inhabitants instead of players / adventurers.

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