Word 2016 numpages not updating

So if you open a document and see field codes instead of results, simply press Alt F9 to toggle them all.You'll use this toggling feature when you're inserting complex fields, and it's great for debugging.

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When entering a field manually, you press F9 to generate and display its results.Until all my pages were letter, I could not remove the next page section break. in the menu (in XP – in Later Versions, go to page setup). Change the Section Start from “New Page” to “Continuous” using the drop down arrow. But this allows you to change a section break’s behavior.UPDATE 10/10/2014: See update for a potential better way to fix stubborn next page section breaks that won’t delete. Problem: Word has an extra page at the end that you can’t delete, and when you turn on the Show/Hide codes function a “Section Break (Next Page)” appears after your text. It appears that Word is insistent on always moving back any Next Page Section breaks if deleted. Barnhill’s comment on Wugnet UPDATE 10/10/2014: Cherry Berry made a great comment below that fixes some of the more persistent next page section breaks: “At the bottom-right corner of the window next to the size slider, there should be 5 icons.You can also print the fields for documentation purposes.Edit a field by right-clicking it and choosing Edit Field to open the Field dialog box you learned about in #1.

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