Wireless network status validating identity

On most devices, the configuration of the wireless networks VUBnext and eduroam will be quite easy.For VUBnext your login/identity/username is your Net ID. The purpose of the VUBguest wireless network is to allow external visitors access to the internet through temporary guest accounts.On Windows end-user devices you have the option to validate the server certificate presented by the server when using WPA-2 Enterprise, which is strongly recommended for RADIUS.If this option is selected, the Certificate Authority must be added to the client's list of Trusted Root Certification Authorities.To resolve, ensure when Adding a Gateway AP as a RADIUS Client in NPS that the Shared Secret matches the Secret on Configure If you receive Event ID 6273 with Reason Code 48 when testing with the RADIUS Test feature on Dashboard, this is usually indicative of an incorrectly configured Network Policy on your NPS server.To resolve please refer to our documentation on creating an NPS policy for PEAP MSCHAPv2.If this is the case, you will see Event ID 4625 in the Windows Security logs, shown below.To resolve, confirm the users password and/or perform a password reset in Active Directory.

Access Control, you must enter a secret when specifying your RADIUS server.This knowledge base article discusses common configuration errors when implementing WPA2 Enterprise with PEAP-MSCHAPv2, using a Windows 2008 NPS environment for error codes. Root Certificate is not added to the client Device Often times connection issues occur because a digital certificate is not installed on the RADIUS Server or the certificate has expired.This article addresses Windows event log messages, possible causes for the error events, and recommended solutions. If this is the case, you will see Event ID 6273 with Reason Code 23 in the Network Policy and Access Services logs, shown below.In some cases, you might need to specify PEAP as EAP type, as specified below in General settings for other devices.Most tablets and smartphones are very easy to set up and should auto-detect all settings.

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