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Several labels had rejected their demo before they met James Diener, the executives of Octone Records.

The group was renamed as Maroon 5 with the fifth member added and played the guitar to free-up the singer to become the star of the band.

In 2005, the group won their first Grammy Award as the Best New Artists.

In 2007, they released “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long” which is their 2nd album.

Recently, they outstandingly performed at Super Bowl halftime show which really is raking him even more money.

As a celebrity, Adam Levine joined a reality show “The Voice” as one of the judges alongside Blake Shelton.

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Then, he dropped out of the college to form a band once more.

At first, they tried to get into country and folk genre before deciding to choose groove-based music as their genre.

With the 8.5 million copies of selling, the single became the one that’s reviving the band.

One of the singles “Payphone” from their fourth album “Overexposed” gave the group another Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album.

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