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and its music continue to hold such sway over me, long after I absorbed them for the first time back in June [It’s still in theaters by the way].

In each frame and accompanying musical note, the devotion of the people behind them is deeply felt.

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She was featured with her sister in David Guetta’s song, “Every Chance We Get We Run.” Tegan Quin’s age is 38.

The knowledge of this sad truth is part of what makes the authenticity of the so strikingly tangible.

Seeing it live and breathe on the screen while sinking into its tender beauty brought me back to the vibrations that used to come more frequently as a movie goer – when afterwards I’d walk out of the theater doors and onto the street in a sort of arrested state, letting the inspiration wash over me for a few slowly walked blocks.

Cognizant of the high stakes going in, Mosseri rose to the occasion to deliver a score that shares the pulse of the film, assuming its life force..

It feels like it sprung full bloom into the story, organically becoming part of the emotional fabric.

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