Who is kristin cavalleri dating

I had forgotten all about it and my mom said, "Didn’t Jay Cutler ask you out?

” Long story short I ended up meeting him and when he walked in I was like, "Oh my goodness! After that meeting, it didn't take very long for something to blossom.

Cavallari and her husband, Jay Cutler, dated for less than a year before Cutler popped the question to her in April 2011.

They married in June 2013, but they definitely had some issues back then.

You could never have convinced me as a Hills fan that Kristin Cavallari would be the one cast member who would end up the most conventionally "settled down." I need to remember that she is no longer that 18-year-old girl going on trips to Cabo with her BFFs and getting involved in dramatic love triangles with Brody Jenner — after all, she's 28 now and a lot has happened. I was in the middle of filming The Hills so I was like, “I don’t want a boyfriend in Chicago,” and passed on it.

In 2010, the reality star's life changed when she started dating a Chicago Bears quarterback, so how did Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler meet, anyway? In a 2013 interview with A Drink With, Cavallari openly shared that Cutler was the first to show interest and that it was from a distance. I got a call from my publicist that Jay wanted to fly me out to Chicago and take me out. A year later I was here [in Chicago] visiting my mom and we ended up going to a pre-season game.

They currently live on a farm outside of Nashville, Tenn. “Obviously they know that we’re filming a show,” Cavallari said.

While in her closet packing up to head off to Palm Springs, California for an Uncommon James photo shoot, her husband Jay walks in.

Kristin Cavallari is bringing her family to Mexico for six weeks for her latest gig.

Starting May 9, the “Very Cavallari” star is hosting Fox’s dating competition series “Paradise Hotel.” The show will film and air in real-time from Mexico over the course of six weeks. My boys will go home and finish school and then they’ll come back for the final two weeks.

“What we’re doing is I’m going to go down by myself for a few days,” Cavallari recently told Page Six. So it’s going to be a new experience for all of us, but obviously my kids are really excited to be in Mexico for weeks at a time.

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