Who is keanu reeves dating today

He’s met her children, and now everyone’s excited and happy they’re together.

Let’s treat this as the bit of fan fiction it is, which means let’s will this into reality like what happened to fanfic.

Keanu Reeves really is one of Hollywood's most notable "good guys." To some, that reputation might make it somewhat surprising that Reeves is, at the age of 54, single and never married (at least not intentionally! Although Reeves has been publicly single for many years, he does have somewhat of a dating history — and not all of it is necessarily happy.

Reeves's relationships have mostly been with other actors, some famous, some not famous at all.

And back when Charlize Theron was dating Sean Penn several years ago, Gossip Cop busted for falsely claiming Reeves was “heartbroken” over the actress’s relationship. I’m sure she longs for a little bit of grown-up conversation in her life. ” Now, what I do get, is the insatiable thirst for Keanu. Conversely, while I do think you can have a very nice and pleasant life sans kids, they are kind of fun to be around, especially when they’re not your own so you can just hang out with them and not have to worry about being the parent, or disciplining them. Keanu Reeves’ love life is often the subject of phony tabloid reports.Gossip Cop has debunked many false stories about the actor’s supposed romances with famous women. Just last week, Gossip Cop busted In reality, the actress is in a committed relationship with boyfriend Bryan Randall.

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