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Counting Crows are about to embark on their first British tour in four years.

I first saw the band 19 years ago – back then Duritz sported a tangled mass of dreadlocks that seemed to have a life of their own.

“We were always moving, so I didn’t know a lot of people,” he says, “so instead I was always reading – I read 180 books in my first grade [six years old] and 218 in my second grade.” “I thought my songs were so personal on that record that no one else would be able to relate to them,” Duritz says now, “but it turns out that the personal details you give make it much richer for everyone else.” Duritz’s songs used the real names of former girlfriends.

Did it feel weird to have fans saying they connected with songs like Anna Begins when you knew what they were about?

“I had never seen Friends because I was on the road at the time,” he says, “and a friend brought a girl [he wouldn’t say if it was Aniston or Cox] and lied to me by saying she was obsessed about me and I lied to her, saying I was obsessed about her.

We ended up dating, but within weeks realised we had absolutely nothing in common.” What about Christina Applegate?

Counting Crows, the band Duritz formed in 1989, have sold more than 20 million albums.

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They come from all different backgrounds and sexes.:) This A list royal groped two female celebrities multiple times during his visit with them this week.Like their label-mates Nirvana, Counting Crows’ music had that fashionably Nineties strain of self-loathing, but unlike their grunge contemporaries the music was sufficiently joyful not to provoke either the listener or the singer to suicide.August made Duritz hugely famous – his face was on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and fans camped out on his lawn.Adam Fredric Duritz was born on August 1, 1964 in Baltimore, Maryland, U. His girlfriends are Emmy Rossum, Whitney Casey, Trishelle Cannatella, Samantha Mathis, Monica Potter, Mary Louise Parker, Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston , Lara Flynn Boyle, Joanna Going and Rumoured with Winona Ryder. Adam Duritz hair, wigs American songwriter, musician, film producer and record producer Adam Duritz is the founding member, principal composer, vocalist and front man for rock band Counting Crows. His Ethnicity /race is Ashkenazi Jewish (Russian Jewish).

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