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The main perk of this method is that when you uninstall the app it also clears out the stored cache files which sometimes are one of the major reasons for crashing down the apps in the first place.Monitor the apps which are crashing up and uninstall them from your device.Then all your device’s system issues that you were facing are as good as gone. Before we resolve this annoying problem, we should know why an app crashes.Apps generally crash either due to there is not much disk space available for them to execute their tasks properly or the app has gone obsolete and is unstable with the i OS version, especially the newly released one like i OS 13/12/11.4/11.3.

If not, read further, we’re not done with this yet.Getting rid of some of the unnecessary apps can go a long way in sorting it out. Why not reset the entire setting of your i OS device in order to have a fresh stance?Though there is no guarantee whether it will resolve the crashing issue or not, it is worth trying.At times, old settings or specific apps become a huge barrier due to some technical glitches that develop over time.Over the air (OTA) update is very simple as it doesn’t involve lengthy steps or a cumbersome workaround to be done. As Apple has launched i OS 8.1.1 in order to fix many bugs faced by i OS 8 users, you should make sure you update your software through i Tunes. When your i Phone boot loops (power on and off), power it down and leave it for a while. As you know it is man-made technology, there are plenty of technical glitches that automatically develop in the background.

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