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I am often asked, exactly what do you mean by Debt Validation? In simple terms, it requires that a creditor produce original documentation to support his demand for payment of the debt.

Debt Validation is like many things–you know it when you see it. It is really amazing that after all these years and enforcement of this part of the Fair Debt Collections Act, how many collectors fail to provide validation, by the way, the original credit card agreement you signed when you received the credit card, is the actual contract.

Accordingly, we will cease collection efforts immediately”. Gone, because someone knew enough to request the right thing.

The validation idea holds true basically, for any type of debt, including Mortgage notes!

Really, it goes something like this: You borrow 1000.00 dollars from Uncle Vito, the neighborhood loan shark, at lets say 25% interest.The blog provides unbiased relavant information from the best credit counselors in the country, including a link to Financial Talkcast Radio, devoted to debt solutions.So much stuff has been written advising people to get their debts validated.If the creditor or debt collector cannot provide you with the requested documentation to prove the account and amount are true and accurate then take a copy of this article and the response from the collector or creditor to a local attorney and ask them to step in.When you are contacted by a debt collector about a personal debt, you have the right to demand that the debt collector verify the debt before taking additional action to collect the debt.

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