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When you can’t see the wood for the trees When I was young I used to wonder what this expression really meant, “wood for the trees, eh?” Recently though I have seen a number of examples that illustrate this expression perfectly.There is seemingly no occasion which cannot bring their identity to the forefront - be it Kaolla Su smiling like an idiot during a rockslide or the protective Motoko carrying the smaller girls under her arms whilst fleeing danger.Indeed, although the characters are barely conflicted and mostly simple to read, it does not preclude the viewer from enjoying and sympathising with them.It is also worth giving special mention to Keitaro here.Whilst most male leads in a harem anime are dry, obnoxious, or both, Keitaro is a sympathetic character, all the more admirable for his failings and his attempts to overcome them. What the show does, however, is recognise this truism and cater directly to the sort of audience who will enjoy a harem-based romance comedy.Western ears will recognise it as a wolf whistle, which is wholly inappropriate for her character.

Many are the direct references to stock character archetypes, dating sims and other things which 's world and protagonists very clearly resemble.

The result is something which is about as subtle as a spade to the face and yet every bit as effective when it comes to attracting the viewer's attention.

The humour is loud and visual, the characters are simple and unambiguous, the plot is straightforward - in brief, this is hardly the thinking person's anime. The comedy serves as a wonderful example of how something can, in fact, be funny the umpteenth time.

The series also makes use of cartoony animation to provide a lot of visual jokes.

By way of example, Keitaro's face at one point becomes strangely elastic and Naru is able to stretch it over a couple of metres.

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