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Girls in Vietnam are prettier than Thai and Filipino.

The reason that the women in Vietnam look so beautiful is that they make a special effort to look good.

Most historians said, Chandragupta married only twice, first to Durdhara who died while giving birth to Bindusara and years after he was married to daughter of Seleucus I Nicator (Helena as per the show) in a war-peace treaty.

Queen Nandni as per the show is described as daughter of the real Mahapadma Nanda which is contradicted as there is no historical evidence.

Another major evidence has found in 12th-century Sanskrit Mahakavya (Epic) Parishishtaparvan by Hemachandra which details the histories of the earliest kingdom and its kings such as Shrenika, Kunika, Udayin also describe about the growth of the kingdom of Magadha and the establishment of the Maurya Empire,the nine Nandas, Chandragupta Maurya, Ashoka, and Samprati.

Queen Nandni is mentioned in VIII.320 that When the deposed king Nanda was allowed by Chanakya to leave Patliputra along with his one daughter and two wives he has given permission to her daughter Nandni to marry Chandragupta Maurya.

Da Nang is listed as a first class city, Most of the names by which Da Nang has been known make reference to its position at the Hàn River estuary.

The city's present name is generally agreed to be a Vietnamese adaptation of the Cham word da nak, which is translated as "opening of a large river".

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Inrasara (aka Phú Trạm), a researcher specializing in Champa, suggests Da Nang is a variation of the Cham word daknan (lit.

"the large water"); Sakaya (aka Văn Món), another Champa researcher, claims a connection with the Raglai word danang, meaning "river source".

Notably, this name (spelled "Cua han") appears on maps of the area drafted by Alexandre de Rhodes in 1650. Kẻ Hàn, roughly "Han market") was another name purportedly used during the 17th century to refer to the land situated at the foot of the Hải Vân Pass.

They take pride in their appearance and enjoy looking their best.

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