Updating your g p s tomtom

If so, you can purchase maps updates from Naviextras.

If Naviextras supports your Nextar GPS device, return to the website's home page and click on the "Download PC Tool" link.

When the site's home page opens, look for a list of links inside the button on the right-hand side of the screen that reads, "Have any questions or need help?

" Click the second link, which should say, "Is my device type supported?

Nextar GPS systems have largely gone out of style, thanks to navigation technology on virtually every mobile phone.

But if you're still the proud owner and user of a Nextar GPS device, you know it can still be quite useful – as long as you keep its software up to date.

Voice Studio guides you through the process of recording a list of words and phrases and downloading the recordings to your device, such as "Proceed to highlighted route," and "Traffic ahead." Follow simple instructions to install the voice set into your compatible Garmin GPS.

You can use your own versions of all the common GPS commands. Since the website is no longer active, it's possible that the purchase links don't work, meaning that you might be charged for something without being able to actually download the voice.

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Scroll down to the "Nextar" list and see if your device is on there.

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Given that there's no longer an official website to reach for support, you could be left without a refund.

To update your Tom Tom navigation device, you need to install the My Drive Connect application on your PC or Mac computer. q=update my tomtom Usually an X on the screen indicates that your GPS (navigation) software is no good (corrupted, etc.).

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