Updating vmware esx

Recommended Resources: The final step is to install or upgrade additional management solutions that integrate with v Center Server and provide capabilities for monitoring and planning.Consult the product documentation for v Realize Log Insight to see how to deploy this product and refer to Knowledge Base article 2147289 for the exact sequence for upgrading this solution.In most cases, upgrades to a virtual-machine compatibility version is required only when introducing new capabilities.VMware Tools should be updated as needed to benefit from security and reliability patches.

Existing VMware v Sphere 4.x and v Sphere 5.x licenses will not work on v Sphere 6.7.

Virtual machines must be powered off to be upgraded. You can perform an orchestrated upgrade of virtual machines with v Sphere Update Manager, which allows you to upgrade both VMware Tools and virtual hardware.

Refer to the v Sphere compatibility matrix for more information.

Recommended Resources: This may be done in a rolling manner, with individual hosts in a cluster successively updated after virtual machines are migrated using v Sphere v Motion to the other operational hosts.

A rolling approach allows you to upgrade v Sphere hosts while avoiding virtual machine downtime.

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