Updating sequence

Whenever logic has been revised from the baseline plan it should be noted in a monthly schedule narrative or a letter to the owner/general contractor specifying all logic changes.If schedule logic is continuously revised each update period to reflect the sequence of work in the field a full schedule review might be warranted to determine if a re-baseline plan is needed.To create the log select YES in the dialog box if prompted. Map and name the Log file to the desktop or a specific drive.A summary report with various sections will be produced, but the focus of this discussion is the output file for Out-of-Sequence Activities within this report.(also read how to find activities causing out-of-sequence situations in Primavera P6) By selecting the F9 key or the Schedule hot key the Schedule dialog box will appear.There is a Log to File function that creates a summary level report from the current project.In the first example, activity 110ERI2131 is an activity in the report above that has out of sequence progress that needs to be addressed. To see why the issue is occurring, the original logic must be understood.In the baseline schedule the original logic was set up as Install Lighting Conduit Columns 7-15 and was to be installed before the Lighting Conduit Columns 15-21 as a Finish-to-Start relationship.

Another example from the log report would be activity 108ERI4343 (see example 2 above).

Out-of-sequence progress occurs from a deviation in the original planned logic that was set up in the baseline schedule.

It can occur when work is executed in the field in a different order than was planned in the schedule.

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