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Head to Settings Battery to see the top villains here, especially Twitter and music-streaming apps.If you have an i Phone 6S, then the cause could be a faulty battery.While the beta went well for us, the final launch of i OS 10 has bricked a number of i Phones and i Pads.That's disheartening for Apple fans after a solid three-month beta.The good news is that Apple will replace your i Phone 6S battery for free.Check out our guide on how to get your i Phone 6S battery replaced for more information.

If you still experience low battery life, flaky Bluetooth and unreliable Wi-Fi connections with i OS 10.0.2, read on below to find the solution to your i OS 10.0.2 problems.

If you have an Apple Watch, you don't need fitness tracking on your phone. When you're at home or work, make sure you're connected to Wi-Fi instead of cellular.

We also found Health, Microsoft Health, Trip Advisor and Waze keeping tabs on us and wasting battery life. When you're out, prevent your i Phone from constantly hunting for open Wi-Fi networks when there are none you can join.

Hopefully i OS 10.0.3 and beyond will do a better job at fixing these issues.

There's a lot of newness happening with September 13's big software update, but that also means we've been experiencing poor i OS 10 battery life, and with the recent release of i OS 10.0.2, these problems remain. It'll give you a list of apps, and you don't really need a lot of these to constantly update in the background. Turn off Fitness Tracking and non-essential apps tucked away in Settings Motion & Fitness.

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