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But things can get annoying real fast if you download a lot of free apps from the Mac App Store, since you have to type in your Apple ID password each time.Apple's Mac Book line of laptops is quite famous for their extensive battery life, thanks to various technologies that Apple has utilized.Just by using "root" as the username and a blank password on a privilege escalation prompt, someone can install malware on your computer, access hidden files, reset your passwords, and more.Root access gives them the ability to do anything they want.Apple makes it easy to access your favorite and most recently used applications and documents in Mac OS X.

Over the years, Photoshop became a great wizard of image editing and gained application rockstar status.Now, thanks to developer John Coates, you can have the exact same screen saver on any Mac running OS X Mavericks and above.In 1987, two brothers, Thomas and John Kroll, began work on an image editing software, which was eventually acquired in 1988 and released to the world in 1990 by Adobe.Macs are generally highly power efficient due to, in part, the optimized sleeping schedule with OS X.Yet in certain scenarios, you might not want your Mac to go to sleep: downloading a huge file, reading a book, reviewing a spreadsheet, analyzing some content on the screen... To resolve this, you can go to System Preferences and mess with the settings, but this can be an annoying process if you need to do it often.

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