Updating ipod touch 1 1 5 to 2 1

according to the pictures you lose about 200mb of capacity throughout this operation. Thats because the firware update has more to it packed in the file.

So when it updates and the files are extracted and installed on your ipod, they take up more space which then gives you less room on the ipod itself to place your music and videos and everything else.

Thought I'd warn some of you b4 u download tht one, because there are safer downloads of the file elsewhere.

Look for at the end not The alternative file link is tested for viruses before posting, the file is just an exe wrapper to automatically download firmware file from torrent link without using any torrent client made via popular Torrent2Exe service, here is a Virus Toal scan result scoring 11/40 (with major AV flagging it safe), if you still feel unsafe use the first link.

For those users here is our complete step by step guide on how to update to i OS 5.1.1. Once you see new i OS 5.1.1 update available, tap on download & Install and let it download and install i OS 5.1.1 on your i Phone, i Pod Touch & i Pad.

There are two methods of update to i OS 5.1.1, one is via over the air update. Do make sure you have your i OS device fully charged to avoid accidental switch off due to batter low problem.

when i tried putting the ipod into dfu mode, it wouldnt work. i upgraded my ipod touch software to 3.0 but after that some applications don`t appear on the desktop of the ipod but other appear!

i mean that i can`t find some applications on my ipod after upgrade to 3.0 can you help me guys?

I am using the i Pod1,1_2.2.1_5H11_but it is still not working, it doesn't go far in the process all it does is says it starts to prepare ipod and stops., please help!! All you folks having problems with this download--why don't you just plunk down the cash and do it the right way?Thats because the firware update has more to it packed in the file.The radipshare link to the firmware download is an exe file and contains up to three trojan virus's.blah link for everyone that posts the 2.2.1 restore, except for the alternate links but the second is a virus and the third could take a day or 3 to download, with the computer on the whole time I had this problem after updating my ipod touch a while ago. Anyways, I found a post somewhere that allowed you to boot the touch in safemode and that basically forced itunes to see it.Startup itunes, plug in your touch, then just hold down the home and power button at the same time.

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