Updating cell towers att

Let’s say you’ve been using an unlocked i Phone on AT&T’s network and decide to switch over to T-Mobile.

Your i Phone will need to update its carrier settings so the device can work with the new provider.

But if not, you can go to Settings About to start the process manually.

Since these updates tend to be smaller in size than major system upgrades, the update process should be faster, so you don’t have to be offline for very long.

This can include adding support for upgrades made to a carrier’s network or the rollout of new functionality like voice-over-LTE, which promises to deliver better-sounding voice calls. For example, a carrier update was issued after a bug was found on the Verizon i Phone 5s that was causing the phone to use cellular data while connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Another instance where a carrier settings update may occur is when you swap out SIM cards.

But really, it would be nice if the parties involved spelled out the changes from the get-go, regardless of how big or small the update might be.

The updates are largely used to add new features or enhance the performance.You may also get a message in i Tunes the next time you connect your device to your computer via USB.If you notice any network issues or problems using such features as voicemail, it’s a good idea to check that you haven’t missed a carrier settings update using the steps outlined above before contacting your provider.It’s reasonable — smart, even — to want to know what’s included in an update before downloading it to your i Phone or i Pad.Unfortunately, the companies don’t make it easy to find out, if at all.

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