Updating acura navigation system

The app is designed to work alongside other Acura Link apps. Visit to order the Acura Link Cable Kit for more details (US only) or for more information.Some services require use of GPS for location-based content.However I hope the navigation system wasn’t a big priority for you because unfortunately this navigation system is flawed to the point of absurdity. It’s buggy, counterintuitive, and your phone probably won’t have good enough reception unless you have it propped up on the dashboard—I have an i Phone 7 with Verizon, the carrier with the strongest signal in my area, and the reception is still inadequate with the phone stowed in the compartment where you plug in the cables.If you bought the 2018 ILX, that means you will have to stretch a heavy HDMI cord across the cab to use the app.The number is located on the bottom or side of the disc storage box.

Contact us today to find out more at Mc Grath Acura of Westmont.Should you be the one of many that have been locked out of their Acura's navigation system, then the following information will help you enable your navigation system to resume use.NOTE: Do not try using multiple combination numbers to unlock this system because it can disable your entire car. COM The problem: Affected vehicles are eligible for a software update to the audio, navigation and hands-free phone systems.The software update will enhance the graphics and functionality of affected systems.

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