Updating achtung nasa updating technology for space travel

After further tests, Krupp was ready to start the production of Panzer IV Ausf A (Versuchkraftfahrzeug 622).The new vehicle featured suspension system composed of drive sprocket, idler and 8 road-wheels on each side of the hull that were paired together in 4 assemblies on each side of the hull.

In October of 1939, next variant Ausf D was produced by Krupp-Gruson and it was produced until May of 1941 with total of 229 produced.

First Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf A was built in October of 1937 by Krupp-Gruson and its production ended in March of 1938 with total of 35 produced.

Ausf As were production / development prototypes and 5 were used for further testing while 30 saw combat service until 1941.

Very common were the canister/storage racks mounted at the rear of the hull.

It featured new design driver's visor, drive sprocket and commander's cupola.

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