Updatepanel onupdating event philippine dating

What actually happens is the Update Panel seems to do the update (the animation runs and completes) but the actual contents of the ddl Update Goal dropdownlist does not change.It appears to be doing an async postback, but not actually running the Selected Index Changed eventhandler to change the contents of the updatepanel. (All help gratefully received, before I launch my monitor across the office!So, this problem would have been solved by doing something like: Please suggest some solution to make this work. You just have to use the button's name that is created in the page html mark-up as the Control ID.

The on Updated function just sets the display style of the div back to none. The Page_Load event in the code beind makes no distinction between instances of the control.In fact all it does is re-add the control to the form.I think you can use end Request event and begin Request event to do what you want. Net webpage which I intend to use for letting the user(not the real users, but content manager basically) insert and edit the records in a table using a Form View.

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