Ubuntu updating issues

One key thing to note before following the steps below is that you have to backup important data such as folders, documents, images and many more on your system, never take chances because sometimes upgrades do not always go well as expected.Your may face issues that can lead to data loss in case an upgrade fails.So i tried to update rubygems and it returned with a success message. There is a similar situation with php, I previously asked this question https://superuser.com/questions/607629/ubuntu-12-04-cli-using-correct-php-version-apache-is-not regarding issues upgrading php on a ubuntu 12.04 base box.With the new basebox I can now get php to version 5.4.9 but cannot get it to run the latest stable release without installing from source - in which case I have the same issue discussed in the previous question.This issue likely affects Debian, Ubuntu, and Arch, and may also affect any other Debian-based distros such as Mint, Kali, etc.As the ath10k Wi-Fi driver that is used by our Wi-Fi devices in these versions of Linux is a community-sourced driver, we have no direct impact on its stability, but since some users have indicated that they have found a fix for these issues, we wanted to share the fix with the rest of our users.Standard updates are released every six months and receive security updates from Ubuntu for at least nine months, while LTS updates are released every two years and are supported for at least five years.

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I've been trying a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade on two of my servers for two weeks and they are failing.Ubuntu maintains a cache of packages that are used when installing a new product.If a recommended package is not in this list, you will be unable to install it.In this case, you will need to refresh the cache before installing the recommended package: If you have the RTM version of Ubuntu 12.04 and have never installed any of the Ubuntu updates, Steam will fail to install. It is important that your package cache is up to date when you launch Steam (or when you select Steam | Check for Video Driver Updates ...) because Steam compares your current video driver against the current contents of your package cache.Ubuntu 16.04 (Xerial Xerus) Long Term Support has been officially released and many users are already eager to find out more about the changes and new features it has come with.

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