Tunisia dating customs

Many who read these pages for the first time will be amazed by their content and won't believe what they read there.

Others think that they will never come into the situation that they will fall in love in their vacation.

In most cases, things look quite differently, when Tunisian men start .

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After a while, the man will, in the traditional way, address the father of the woman officially ...

After a more or less long period of engagement, in which the two meet and get known to each other, the wedding will take place.

Of course, times are changing, even in Tunisia, and so, today, boys and girls meet as well in schools or on the street, in modern regions also in mixed cafes, in which not only men, but also women are allowed to enter.

or he will not do that at all, if he considered the affair to be just a matter of fun.

In fact, the latter happens quite often and the men take here advantage of the naiveity of many young tunisian girls...

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