Tuc watkins dating been dating for 7 months

Do a google image search of the words "Nathan Fillion girlfriend" and you'll see more pics.

He walks sthe streets of NYC openly affectionate with his boyfriend. Years ago, it was Tuc Watkins from "One Life to Live." What a sexy pair they made! On Robert Sean Leonard's blog, Nathan has two posts: One:" I am such a fangirl."To which Leonard replies:" That's quite a compliment, thank you. Elsewhere on my list of favorite TV series of all time. Truthfully, though, I have crushed on you ever since Dead Poet's Society."Stolen from various people on my friends list. But only because I need something to distract me from whining and moaning about how sick I am. Not into men in the least but isn't squicked by it either.I don't think he even brings his dates to premiers anymore (again I suspect that he must have had a bad fan incident with the current gf and is trying to keep on the downlow now...he's certainly gotten good at dodging the questions about whether he's single, see the Ellen interview he did to promote Castle).Mostly I'm just saying that there are pics of him with women and they all seem the same type of brunette, which is I suspect his "type."I said the frau comment partly in jest, partly because to a regular here, my posts do seem like they're trying to defend his hetero status.I couldn't care less if he is straight or gay, I genuinely believe he is straight or very likely bi if the post on CDAN about him making out with a guy in NY is to be believed.What I CAN'T believe is that he's not interested in women at all - there's far too much info to the contrary to believe that.

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