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At the age of 88, things for me could be much worse.According to Google there are approximately 1,980 internet dating and online personal sites today.It is estimated that over 20 million people have completed an online dating profile.I can walk very well and unlike many, have no financial problems.Your newly energised self would surely be a good thing for your partner?

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    I loved reading other men’s profiles, comparing my narrative to theirs, imagining if they could ever intertwine. I was a relative newcomer to town, but even so I felt sure I would recognize everyone with a profile. Oh, well.)I turned to technology next, but technology that hadn’t been available to me when I last dated in Boston: Tinder, the location-based app that shows you little more than a couple of pictures, a line of text, and overlapping Facebook friends. In fact only a couple of swiping sessions, within a couple of days. I increased the top end of my age range to 40, and then 45. I began to more carefully consider every single man, every single potential match. And so as I swiped away, I found myself both matching and connecting with men I would never have given a second thought in the city. I met farmers, construction workers, photographers, writers, and even a professor from Bard. The first man I dated post-breakup served us beers with a friendly hello. One night after lugging my boxes into the Boston apartment about a month later, I logged on to Tinder.