Trista rehn ryan sutter dating before show

It's my wife - at her best- capturing life as she always has, though now through a more meaningful lens…” What a sweet note!

So glad Trista is OK and was able to continue her trip with her beautiful family! Thank you Old Town Dubrovnik & @tripadvisor for a day we won't soon forget!! Trista looks perfectly healthy in the pic, and you'd never guess she had a near-death experience just a few days earlier. To be a better version of myself as a wife, mother, sister, cousin, niece, aunt, neighbor, daughter, and friend.

Tell the people you love how you feel and live with grateful enthusiasm. A post shared by Trista Sutter (@tristasutter) on In her lengthy post, she also thanked her family, fans, and those in Croatia who helped save her life, while also promising to "stress less," "love more," and "spread joy." Trista was the winner of the very first season of 14 years ago today (or so I hear), anyone with a TV tuned to @abcnetwork could watch as a very lucky girl got introduced to 25 handsome men on a controversial show called #The Bachelorette.

(Now, all you need is to visit or the ABC app under's been THAT long!

“I choose personally to give everyone the benefit of the doubt,” she said.

“I think that the audience wants more of that,” Trista said, “so I hope that they continue to kind of maybe alter the format for each person and what they need.”As for what’s allowed their marriage to last when so many relationships have ended? Ryan was only cast on the show in the first place, for instance, because his college roommate’s girlfriend had appeared on the reality competition series Apart from that, they said, their secret is simple: both make sure to prioritize their relationship, and they live in relatively remote Vail, far from the Southern California epicenter of television.

Which is understandable, since most of their journey involves the woman who would become his wife getting to know a cavalcade of other men.

That said, Trista sees things differently: “I am the optimist of the family, and I keep trying to say—so our first moment seeing each other, our first conversation, our first date [are all documented]. ” When Ryan asked if she’d feel the same, if the situation were reversed and he had been the Bachelor?

Husband Ryan Sutter is now opening up about the emotional toll the former Bachelorette's near-fatal seizure has had on him.

As he explains, he’s been holding onto the below pic he took of his wife since the day after she “unexpectedly and without a definitive cause, seized violently in front of her family on a shuttle bus full of strangers.” I've had this picture to post for a few days. Like my mind, the photo has sat as a "draft." In limbo. It was taken one day after my wife, unexpectedly and without a definitive cause, seized violently in front of her family on a shuttle bus full of strangers.

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