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Free - Download now You don't have to manually update mac OS every time a new one launches.You can turn on automatic updates and it will download in the background.So far there’s no word on when Demonoid may come back online, but as with the resurrected Suprnova.org, it would seem that you just can’t keep a popular torrent site down for long.[Update: I contacted a CRIA representative and asked about Demonoid, but he told me that "CRIA is not commenting on that situation right now." However, I was able to dig up this transcript on Circuit Box, (via the Demonoid Wikipedia page) which purports to be a transcript of a conversation between Torrent Freak and a member of Demonoid's staff, who pretty adamantly denies that CRIA is involved:the point i'm trying to make is that Demonoid can't confirm this info...and that article has 1150 diggs iirc and it's abesolutely overwhelming the staff with floods of people thinking the site was taken down, when we're not sure if it is.. and for the record, there is only ONE admin on Demonoid, and that's Deimos, so until we hear from him, we cannot confirm anything.Apple has released mac OS 10.14.4, which brings the Apple News subscription service to the News app, along with automatic dark mode support for sites that support custom color schemes.This update also brings support for Apple's second-generation Air Pods.While The Pirate Bay is still the most popular torrent tracker online, Demonoid is a close second.

Apple has released a supplemental update to mac OS 10.14.5, specifically for the 15-inch models of both the 20 Mac Book Pro.

Earlier this year Demonoid moved its servers from The Netherlands to Canada after a Dutch anti-piracy group filed a subpoena demanding the site’s ISP remove Demonoid and cough up the administrator's identities.

It would seem that Canada is not the safe harbor Demonoid was seeking and we suspect that the site will likely move its servers again.

If you just can't wait for all of the new features, here's how to update to the latest mac OS version.

Free - Download now Apple has released another supplemental update to mac OS 10.14.6.

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