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From ‘lucky draws’ for free trips to exclusive nightlife privileges, cardholders enjoy a series of rotating perks unavailable with competitors.

Finally, while there’s a S8.4 fee, it’s waived for 5-years, after which most students will likely transition to a mainstream card anyways.

This programme offers dining privileges on everything from delivery services to high-end steakhouses.

Cardholders earn a high 1% unlimited rebate on dining, entertainment, online shopping & telco–key spend categories for young adults.

There’s no minimum spend requirement, and the card is free forever, making it a great way to earn stress and maintenance-free cashback.

Cardholders earn 0.25% flat rebate, which is lower than some alternatives, so students might prefer another card.

However, working adults earning at least S,000/year have fewer options overall, but can qualify for this card. There is no minimum spend requirement and no cap on earnings.

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