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Moses went up to mount Sinai, received the commandments, and returned with them.

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God instructed Moses to go down for the people were sinning, and into idolatry.

1) The two stone tablets of the Ten Commandments (Exodus ) 2) The entire Torah (God taught it and Moses wrote it later) (Deuteronomy ) 3) A vision of the Tabernacle (Exodus ) and other prophetic visions 4) Various miracles 5) A shining countenance (Exodus ch.34) People usually mistake and say Moses wrote the ten commandments when really he didn't.

Answer 1 1446 BC I believe, according to a time line I found online. Answer 2 One date which differs a little, although using exactly the same principles, as mentioned below, is that of 1440 BC.

This is commonly referred to as the 'early date' for the Exodus and subsequent giving of the law and is in the same general range as the others.

The 10 Commandments would have been received some time after that - probably in 1440 or later in 1441, depending on which month the Exodus began in.

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