Teen dating lesson plans

Purpose Driven Youth Ministry presents foundational principles of youth ministry that help you develop the ministry that best meets the needs of students in your unique setting.It doesn’t present a “copy and paste” program approach; instead it helps you identify, establish, and build sustained health into your church’s youth ministry.

On the pages you will find a brief description of the Bible lesson handout as well as the resources I used to create the youth group lesson.

As technology accelerates, spiritual apathy increases. Young people are biblically illiterate, bored, and find the church to be irrelevant. shines a revealing light on standard youth ministry practices, and helps the reader to see what needs to change.

The book is full of practical ideas that work in real churches, and includes ‘voices from the trenches’ – perspectives from current youth ministry leaders.

Be consistent, continue to grow spiritually yourself, and build a team that can keep going even if you move on.

Grow your library of resources and connect with other youth ministry leaders. You might have great evangelistic gifts but your kids might have other spiritual gifts.

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