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Overall though, the good info far, far out weighed what I disagreed with.And, I very much appreciated how the book was a father/daughter team effort.There were a couple of chapters that I only skimmed because I don't feel the need to know all the information right now, but for parents I can see how it would be incredibly enlightening and helpful.I didn't agree with everything the authors said, but that's to be expected.*I received this book free from Litfuse*Full disclosure: I know Dan Anderson (though not well).He was one of my daughter's teachers (and one of her favorites).The best word to describe this book is "practical".Dan (and his daughter) use their breadth of experience to impart some practical wisdom on the issue of dating, specifically for daughters.

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An invaluable book that I wish would've been available before my daughters approached the dating age.

We get to learn about how our brains develop and why people react to certain situations the way they do.

The book makes modern teen dating trends make a lot more sense.

Instead the authors have used experience that they have gained over the years as educators in the public school system, working with teens, and through personal experience to break down many “myths” that can cause problems for teen girls.

I thought that the “myths” were explained and discussed very well.

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