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In addition, the company announced that as of today, VMware Cloud on AWS customers will be able to take advantage of a new Cloud Migration tool.This tool, as well as other cloud workflows, is expected to come to VMware Cloud on Dell EMC and VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts in the future.The company has unveiled v Realize Operations 8.0, which focuses in large part on applying machine learning algorithms and real-time analytics, in order to detect issues and optimise performance in real-time with minimal human intervention.On top of this, the company is previewing a new cloud-based version of this software, v Realize Operations Cloud, for its VMware Cloud on AWS customers.The two companies have worked together to bring Nvidia's GPU virtualisation technology to VMware's AWS offering, as well as to its core v Sphere product.

Another major announcement made at the show is the launch of VMware's Cloud Health Hybrid.

AWS' status as a VMware "preferred partner" was in little doubt, and the company has announced a raft of new technologies to support customers deploying on Amazon's cloud.

These include new tools courtesy of an expanded partnership with Nvidia.

As part of the announcement, the company previewed two of the products that will come under the Tanzu umbrella: Tanzu Mission Control and Project Pacific.

Acting as a single point of control for all an organisation's Kubernetes clusters, Tanzu Mission Control allows IT teams to manage them across public clouds, managed services, v Sphere and more, using the same tools that they use to manage their virtual machines (VMs).

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