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Scroll Control)Gets or sets the Ole Drag Drop Events Target.

Initializes all data object consumers for this grid. Cell Changed event indicating the contents of the current cell have been changed (e.g.

See Grid Data Object Consumer Options for default consumers that you can enable and disable through the Grid Model Options. See Grid Controller Options for default mouse controllers that you can enable and disable through the Grid Model Options.

Data Object Consumer Options property of the Grid Model.

Shows how to create Forms, add labels, text boxes, panels, combo boxes, Pick Lists, and more. Shows how to work with the results from the dialog and the changes made to the form objects.

Ultra Grid Base)On Initialize Rows Collection is called whenever Ultra Grid creates a new row collection.

The user can initialize appearance and other settings off the Summary Value object that gets passed in the event handler.

Shows how to populate all fields including picklists and combobox lists and work with properties. Please Click Play in video instead of following Links below Brought to you by ITPro Guru Dan Stolts.

Gets a value indicating whether the caller must call an invoke method when making method calls to the control because the caller is on a different thread than the one the control was created on. Ultra Grid Base)Resets all of the properties on the bands and column which were set by the Enforce Xsd Constraints(String, Xsd Constraint Flags) method. Ultra Grid Base)On Filter Cell Value Changed is called when the user modifies a cell in a filter row.

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