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Payment varies but is generally 0-00 for features, 0 for dispatches, and between 0-0 for culture stories. Please send all materials through our submission manager.Submit to the section of the magazine that best fits your pitch.Bitch Media seeks to be a fresh, revitalizing voice in contemporary feminism, one that welcomes complex, intersectional arguments and refuses to ignore the contradictory and often uncomfortable realities of life in an unequivocally gendered world. We believe in pop culture as a valuable, dynamic site and we do not shy away from the rich and productive tensions that arise when analyzing and critiquing it through a feminist lens.Open: December 14, 2018 to February 25, 2019At Bitch Media, feminism has always been a hot topic.We do commission online illustrations, infographics, and comics too, though less frequently. If interested in general illustration for Bitch, please send your portfolio link and any specific suggestions (style, topic) for artwork directly to [email protected] is preferred, but you can also send mail (no originals, please!We are looking for discussion-provoking critical essays that are well researched with evidence to back up claims, timely statistics, and connections between one’s personal experience and larger social forces. Nonfiction essays only, though we do not publish experimental lyric essays or anything that reads like a dissertation. If sending only a query, please include clips or writing samples.

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Culture is where Bitch brands its cultural authority through essays about books, music, and screen; profiles of individuals and those who are creating and defining cultural moments; and interviews with those working in publishing, Hollywood, podcasting, and other areas who are helping us imagine new possibilities for representation and inclusion.

Our definition of pop culture is broad, encompassing cultural attitudes and myths, phenomena of the popular imagination, and social trends as well as movies, TV, magazines, books, advertising, and the like.

In addition to our quarterly print magazine, we publish online content five days a week.

Heat, in all its forms and with all its implications, suffuses our public and private worlds, impacts our economies, motivates our decisions and our identities.

In media and pop culture, heat is changeable, constantly ranked currency: hot takes, hottest restaurants, hottest tech IPOs, hot Oscars races, and, of course, hottest bodies.

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