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Between the ways we’re accustomed to working and the new habits shaped by Twitter, Facebook, and other new tech tools. Both on and off the court, Nash’s exploits illuminate lessons about how to manage these transitions.The son of a professional soccer player, he didn’t take up basketball until eighth grade, but then transformed himself into a top high-school player. He’s becoming an entrepreneur, finding business outlets for his off-court creativity.Mallett suggested he think of the not-for-profit as a business. Sometimes his job is to make his teammates look good with perfect passes. Nash is in Vancouver, British Columbia, near his hometown of Victoria, for a preseason game. Barely arrived from the airport, he makes time at a downtown hotel for an independent film crew that’s producing a documentary about him.To be sustainable, it needs regular funding from the kind of for-profit companies Nash had kept at arm’s length. He splits two defenders and has just enough room to attempt an off-balance layup. He’s dressed in jeans, a gray T-shirt, and slip-on canvas sneakers. (The Suns may pay him million a year, but he still showed up on the set of a video shoot in Manhattan two summers ago riding his skateboard.) He seems so, well, normal, a lean, mellow hipster with an easy smile, quick wit, and shy manner.

The video attracted more than 600,000 views on You Tube.His newest startup, Apoko, grew out of his affinity for social media.On Facebook, where he has nearly 600,000 fans (more than 100,000 people follow him on Twitter), he shares videos of himself — playing a pickup game in China with locals; hanging out on the set of Katherine Heigl’s next movie, (he has a cameo); and sweating through Whitecaps training.“I felt like that was a contradiction of the whole point.” He also had a problem saying no until he hired a childhood friend, a lawyer specializing in not-for-profits, to run his organization in 2005.The Steve Nash Foundation, much like Nash himself, is highly effective but not self-aggrandizing: The Sports Philanthropy Project and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation gave it the 2008 award for excellence in sports philanthropy, yet Nash’s foundation didn’t even issue a press release when it donated 0,000 to provide pediatric cardiology care for a hospital in his wife Alejandra’s home country of Paraguay.

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