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In the following, we report a first direct experimental evidence for the existence of two synthetic regimes due to g The first input was enabled by the divergent synthesis of g=6 DP thus producing an extended homologous series of DP with g=1...6, denoted as PGg (Methods).

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The dendrons can be attached to point-like cores, to linear polymer chains or to surfaces thus giving rise to three leading structural families of dendritic molecules: dendrimers.First, the existence of the two synthetic regimes is a qualitative signature of dendritic systems that remained essentially unverified and thus of fundamental interest.Second, the exploration of dendritic molecules with g≥g is of practical interest for producing densely packed molecular objects with controllable surface properties and an increased range of tunable spans.The synthetic regimes outlined above reflect a distinctive form of steric hindrance.The term steric hindrance typically connotes the prevention of a chemical reaction by a bulky chemical substituent within a molecule the exponential growth of mass, associated with perfectly regular branching, is impossible.

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