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Central Nic released their half yearly results for January to June Monday reporting both revenues and Adjusted EBITDA have tripled year-on-year, driven by a combination of growth through acquisition and underlying organic growth of around 6%.

'In the first half of 2019 Central Nic's adjusted EBITDA exceeded our full year performance in 2018,' Ben Crawford, CEO of Central Nic, commented on the strong results.

Now the Board has given an update on second level registrations saying they aren't ready for deployment. The Board's st Internet NZ logo Down in the Antipodes, Internet NZ has begun to release a quarterly report of life in in a new easy-to-read format, and the first of these reports for the period April to June 2019 shows that almost one in 5 domain names are now registered at the second level.

At the end of the quarter there were a total of 710,892 domain names, 507,890 nz domains and another 62,963 registered across all their other 2LDs.

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