Speed dating literary agents

We will likely have a few open appointments at the conference if we have cancellations.Sorry if you missed registering for an appointment.

Agents get hundreds of written proposals and query letters on a daily basis. A face-to-face conversation with an agent might help your project get better attention.

This is a 10-minute personal meeting with an agent or an editor in which you “pitch” your book project.

For nonfiction writers, a pitch session is an oral proposal in which you lay out the basic idea of your project and its structure in the hopes of piquing the agent’s interest.

Once you are a registered attendee of the conference, you may pick agents from the list below and use our secure online registration to sign up for a 10-minute pitch session. Your schedule of pitch sessions will be given to you along with your SBWC conference badge when you check-in at registration.

The cost for each 10-minute pitch session is dollars.

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