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he TV news reporter kept asking everyone the same stupid question: “So, what are you doing here?

” A man dressed in a casual blazer and jeans whose name was probably, but not certainly, Doug (I was going by the handwritten name tag pinned to his lapel) smirked into a camera, leaned into a microphone, and said: "I'm on a Ferris wheel in the world's greatest city. " Doug's answer was meaningless but perfectly reasonable.

(Spoiler alert: it did not go well.) And what was up with that dude who kept approaching small bands of women with the line "Hey! " (That did not go well, either.) Before they jumped into a cab, Elliott handed me her "Let's Connect" card—her number scrawled on it in blue ink. "She said yes," he said with that big, dumb Matt Damon grin.

"We're going out next week." At the beginning of this blustery night, I couldn't help but look up at the Ferris wheel and see a depressing supersize metaphor: Love comes with a steep admission fee, spins you in the air, and then ends abruptly.

Had we been served booze (it didn't flow freely until later on the boat) or provided with the right soundtrack, we might have also believed we were in a tiny gyrating VIP room at a nightclub.

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That thought didn't occur to me until later, because when you're busy chatting up a bunch of randoms on a Ferris wheel in hopes of finding the One, it impairs everything beyond a conversation-heart level of thinking. pinning Singles was a speed-dating mixer that could have easily been advertised as the world's most dizzying (and pink) group job interview.Three men were sequestered on one side of the gondola and three women on the other side, and they had polite conversations like this: This wasn't exactly patter to make your heart go flutter (or beat at all for that matter). "Actually, I know how to make meth," said her seatmate, a woman whose name tag pinned to her black top identified her as Elliott. Devon and Elliott were both in their late 20s, tallish and blonde, with easy smiles and rat-a-tat-tat banter.I felt the need to shake things up on my second go-around on the big wheel of love. They struck me at first as sisters or an improv comedy duo, but they told me later they were just close friends. I can't recall what she said next because, well, have you ever tried to remember how a dozen people you met at a party answered the same innocuous question? His everyman charisma and Good Will Hunting-era Matt Damon looks convinced me he'd one day survive a crash on the surface of Mars by becoming a makeshift potato farmer.Now all 90 of us were trudging the length of the pier through the snow to our separate ways.Elliott, Devon, and I were laughing at the ridiculous antics we'd witnessed. The guy who faked a southern accent to test-market it with the ladies! Moments later, while biking on Grand Avenue, I caught up to John and Michael and asked John what had happened to his quest to ask Brandi out.

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