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The film wouldn’t be complete without a Central Park scene, of course The Mall, where the two main characters sat on one of the benches. The plot is kind of crazy (Carrey’s character receives a penguin as part of his late father’s last wishes), and though the physical comedy is still there, Carrey kind of struggles with a performance that many consider “mailed in”.This picture was shot on Heckscher Softball Field and whole movie about iconic restaurant Tavern on The Green. 13 Going on 30 (6.1 IMDb) – Bullied by her supposed friends, a young girl locks herself up in a storage cabinet and makes the wish of a lifetime.The Bethesda Fountain, Bow Bridge, Columbus Circle, The Lake and many other Central Park’s spots were featured in this movie. Wall Street (7.4 IMDb) – here’s something about working Wall Street that is seen as a lucrative and profitable endeavor.For a lot of people, those who hold positions in Wall Street are among the richest of the rich, and this movie just goes to prove that.Wondering what famous films were shot in this glistening location?

A young orphan runs away from his orphanage and begins to search the city for his birth parents.

As fate would have it, a case of mistaken identity has her spending a romantic night with one of the political figures currently staying at the hotel as well.

The two hit it off and come together to create a beautiful relationship despite being world’s apart. Popper’s Penguins (6 IMDb) – This movie is one of the most interesting decisions comedian Jim Carrey ever decided to make, and though it wasn’t exactly a smashing success by any stretch of the imagination it has become a beloved family film that really features New York in a positive light.

Central Park makes numerous appearances throughout this movie and adds a touch of authenticity to the film. The main character in this film has been the right hand for 27 different brides in her lifetime, and is now faced with the horrible question – when will it be her turn to walk down the aisle?

She soon finds herself falling in love with one of the most unlikely men in her circle, and watches as her dreams finally come true.

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