Should 13 years olds dating

Consider this: Bottom line: Giving your child unrestricted, unmonitored access to the online world is asking for trouble.Get your head in the game by reading i MOM’s Ready, Set, Internet! In the war against childhood obesity, some kids and parents have turned to diet sodas to satisfy that craving without the added sugar and calories. Research is emerging which suggests that artificially-sweetened beverages are addicting and may actually increase food cravings and contribute to weight gain.Use our i MOM Movie Monitor to filter movie and music choices for your child.

You may think of it as harmless, or even cute, but allowing your child to claim a romantic attachment this early is a bad idea.

The tween years are a major period of developing an identity and a self-concept for kids.

A University of Denver study found that allowing romance into your child’s life at this stage can cause an unhealthy mingling of romantic self-concept and overall confidence, particularly in the areas of appearance and peer acceptance.

By teaching her to dress modestly, you’re sending the message that she is more than her body and that people should value her for her heart and mind.

Teach her to respect herself and the world will follow suit.

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