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You already know what you're into, likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc...

Dating yourself also allows you the freedom to have a great time, all the time, and never have to hear "you're not paying attention to me" or other forms of bitching and nagging.

Every time you pass by another Happn user, their profile shows up on your feed. Also, you probably have a few things in common with someone who frequents the same places as you.

What you might not like: Even though Happn doesn't reveal your address or anything crazy like that, there's sort of a creepiness factor to seeing all the faces you crossed paths with in a day.

They either don't need apps or are on one we mortals have never heard about.

Ever been out in public somewhere, seen a cutie, been so paralyzed with nerves you can't physically walk up and say hello, and then gone home and feverishly tried to find said cutie online? The deal here is to introduce you to people you've "crossed paths with"—the app is location-based. What's great about it: Happn makes it easier to meet people you may have never noticed, but should have.

Whether you choose to focus your time and energy on one or choose to spread yourself among three or more, is up to you.

But actually, its list of gender identities and super-specific sexuality options make this a great app for finding exactly the sort of relationship you're into. Hookups, or maybe a long-term poly or threesome situation.

What's great about it: This is maybe the best low-key hookup app.

Also, what a great test of friendship: If your BFF can't successfully set you up, who can?

What you might not like: This is a fast way to learn how much your friends Geared toward "open-minded couples and singles," Feeld is commonly thought of as the threesome app.

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