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The story begins in 2007 when Denise Aubrey, Northumbria’s former head of legal services, overheard officers gossiping about rumours of a close relationship between Craik and Mrs Peacock.

“I first heard them from a female officer in another force when I was attending a function in Wakefield,” she told the tribunal earlier this week.

The randy copper is hosting a barbecue with his own wife at the time but that does not stop the chief super giving him a wallop. Desperate to avoid public exposure of the love triangle and its embarrassing fall-out, the top man orders that all details of the incident be removed from the police log.But one did say the couple, who “travel a lot”, were well-liked in the area and appeared to be enjoying their life of leisure.Craik certainly appears to have planned for his retirement at the relatively young age of 55 with some care.“It’s not like it’s a surprise,” he told a local newspaper in an interview to mark his departure from the force.“It has been coming for a while and I have planned ahead.

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