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Eventually, however, such endeavor should produce advocates for the minister and her/his family.The first step, of course, is that the clergy person becomes aware of the significance of boundaries in the ministry him/herself.

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" (She knew that I had a degree in counseling.) Then the lay member to the annual conference spoke up and asked me; "Well, pastor, what did you expect when you came into ministry?

" Then a third lady responded, "I know pastors who do more than that." (i.e.

work more than sixty-two hours per week) Finally, an older man spoke up and said, "I raised cattle for thirty years and I never had a day off." [1]The issue is boundaries and if one does not have them when first hired or appointed as a pastor it can be very difficult to reestablish them once they've been violated.

Is there any way for me to know she is in heaven or not?

I miss her terribly and would want nothing more than for her to have eternal salvation.

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