Sedating racoons

Understand that accessible garbage is a regular smorgasbord for hungry animals like Raccoons, Opossums, and Skunks, but the only way they can gain access is if Humans let them. Or you could try placing a large rock on top of the lid to secure it.

Usually Raccoons gain entry into garbage cans by tipping them over.

Allow a few days for the Raccoon to remove her family in case there are babies present and when you are positive all of the Raccoons are gone, be sure to get the chimney capped to prevent further occurrences.

Any action that prevents the mother from caring for her young will result in suffering for her and a slow death for the babies.Keep in mind that they have chosen your chimney because it is warm, dark, and quiet, so the best way to get him/her to leave is by changing what they find inviting.Placing ammonia soaked rags in the chimney and playing loud music during the day will discourage the Raccoons from taking up residence.By trapping and removing and wild animal you are simply creating a vacancy for more animals to move in.It is more effective to ask yourself why the animals are finding your yard appealing (the answer will probably be either food, water, or shelter) and what you can do to remove what it is that the animal is finding appealing, repel the animal from your yard, and prevent them from returning.

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